Aromas on Sea Breakfast Menu


Aromas on Sea Breakfast Menu

All sourdough breads are woodfired & certified organic by NASAA

Fresh Seasonal Fruit Salad (GF, V)

With maple glazed nuts & chia yoghurt

Nuts & Seeds Bowl (GF, V)

Fresh seasonal fruits with chia natural yoghurt, organic honey, mixed maple roasted nuts & seeds, fresh berries, lemon balm, strawberry & rhubarb compote

Hotcake Stack (V)

Topped with matcha ricotta, blueberries, lemon curd, almond flakes, coconut chips, strawberry & rhubarb compote

Super Foodie Yoghurt Bowl (GF, V)

Greek yoghurt, blueberries, kiwi fruit, chia seeds, goji berries, ground flaxseed & coconut chips

Eggs Anyway(V)

Scrambled, poached or fried egg with grilled tomato, baby spinach on toasted organic sourdough

Classic Bacon & Eggs – served all day

Crispy bacon, eggs, grilled tomato, baby spinach & toasted organic sourdough

Super Bowl (GF, V)

Quinoa kale tabouli, herbs, seeds, grilled haloumi, smashed pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, beetroot hummus, poached eggs, mushrooms & basil pesto

Taster Breakfast

One egg, gourmet sausage, bacon, grilled tomato, hash brown, baby spinach & toasted organic sourdough

Healthy Start (V), with Smoked Salmon extra OR with bacon extra

Poached eggs, smashed avocado, goats cheese, chili, mixed seeds, herbs & tomato served on toasted caraway seeded rye organic sourdough

Eggs Benedict - Ham / Mushroom & Spinach (V) / Smoked Salmon / Bacon / Pork belly

On toasted organic sourdough with grilled tomato, hash brown & home made hollandaise

Chili Scramble

Grilled chorizo with chili scramble eggs, ricotta, mushroom & basil pesto served on toasted caraway rye organic sourdough

Brekky Roll

Crispy bacon & fried egg on a toasted seeded organic sourdough roll

Morning Glory (V)

Served with smashed pumpkin, sautéed mushrooms, poached eggs, beetroot hommus, roasted tomatoes, rocket, grilled haloumi & dukkah on toasted caraway seeded rye organic sourdough

Rise & Shine (V)

Smashed avocado, tomatoes, grilled haloumi, poached eggs, herbs, & dukkah served on toasted organic sourdough

Aromas Beach Breakfast

Eggs anyway, bacon, gourmet sausages, mushrooms, savory beef & bean mix, tomato, hash brown & spinach, served with toasted organic sourdough

Big Breakfast

Gourmet sausage, bacon, eggs, corn salsa, mushrooms, hash brown, grilled tomato, baby spinach & toasted organic sourdough

Salmon Chili Scramble

Smoked salmon with chili scramble eggs, goats cheese cream & dukkah served on toasted caraway rye organic sourdough

Bacon & Egg Roll

On a toasted seeded organic sourdough roll

Haloumi Bowl (V, GF)

Served with baby spinach, sautéed mushrooms, poached eggs, smashed pumpkin, hummus, cherry tomatoes, seeds & basil pesto drizzled with balsamic glaze

Light Start (V) / 21 with poached egg extra

Smashed avocado, chili, cherry tomatoes, basil pesto, feta, radish, seeds, lemon wedge & balsamic glaze served on soy & linseed organic sourdough

Farmers Messy Breaky for 2

Poached eggs, bacon, gourmet sausages, smoked salmon, grilled haloumi, mushrooms, avocado, cherry tomatoes, rocket & feta salad & basil pesto on toasted soy & linseed organic sourdough

Side Orders – per serve

Grilled bacon / Gourmet sausages Hash brown / Mushrooms / Grilled tomato / Avocado / Smoked salmon / Toasted bread / Grilled haloumi / Ice-cream

Healthy Option / GF = Gluten Free / V = Vegetarian


Bacon or Sausage, Egg & Toast

Mini Bacon & Egg Burger

Hash Brown with Bacon

Hotcake with Maple Syrup

Additional Ice-cream available

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