Aromas on Sea Lunch Menu


Aromas on Sea Lunch Menu


Garlic Herb Bread (V)

Toasted Sourdough (V) / Served with 3 house made dips - hommus, beetroot & basil pesto

Toasted Sourdough Dips (V)

Served w/ 3 house made dips, hummus, beetroot & basil pesto

Smashed Avocado Bruschetta (V)

Served w/ goats cheese, dukkah, chili tomato salsa, olive oil & lemon

Antipasto Plate

Selection of cured meats, mixed olives, feta, semi dried tomatoes, cornichons, marinated artichoke, dips served with toasted organic sourdough
Extra Bread / GF Bread Available /
Vegetarian Option (V)


Fresh Natural Oysters (x6) (x12)
Kilpatrick (x6) (x12)


Caesar Salad

Aromas style with toasted croutons, baby cos, crispy bacon & soft poached egg (Please Ask for Anchovies)
With Grilled Chicken
With Smoked Salmon
With Salt & Pepper Calamari

Greek Salad (GF, V)

Fresh garden salad with kalamata olives, feta & balsamic dressing

Super Bowl (GF, V)

Quinoa & kale tabouli, beetroot hummus, roasted pumpkin, avocado, tomatoes, mushroom, soft poached egg, cucumber, almond flake, cranberries, pickled fennel, seeds, herbs & lemon dressing


Mixed Olives (GF/V)

Selection of pitted kalamata & green olives

Grilled Holoumi (GF/V)

Served with rocket tomato salsa, basil pesto & lemon wedges

Nachos (GF)

Beef & bean mix, tomato salsa, cheese, jalepenos, sour cream, smashed avocado & herbs on a bed of toasted corn chips

Salt & Pepper Calamari

Tender pineapple cut squid coated in salt & pepper spices, served with lemon wedges, siracha aioli, fresh chili & coriander

Chicken Skewers (GF)

3 marinated chicken skewers with a fresh mint & yoghurt sauce

Pork Belly (GF)

Served with Asian slaw & Byron Bay chili sauce

Fish Tacos (2)

Baked & flaked fish w/ avocado, tomato salsa, capers, herbs, Byron Bay chili sauce, coriander, home aioli & pickled red cabbage


Wagyu Cow Burger

Home beef pattie with bacon, caramelised onion, fresh tomato, greens, American cheddar cheese, home mustard mayo, pineapple, beetroot & tomato pickle on a toasted organic seeded roll, served with crunchy sea salted chips

Cheeky Chicks Burger

Char-grilled marinated chicken tenderloin with avocado, pickled red cabbage, pineapple, brie cheese, Byron Bay chili sauce & home seeded mustard mayo on a toasted organic seeded sourdough roll, served with sweet potato fries

Char-Grilled Steak Sandwich

MSA beef fillet with caramelised onions, greens, tomato, basil pesto, brie cheese & home mustard mayo on toasted organic sourdough baguette served w/ crunchy sea salted chips

Porky Pig Burger

Pork belly, rocket, fennel, pickled red cabbage, Byron Bay chili sauce & home mustard mayo on a toasted organic sourdough baguette served w/ crunchy sea salted chips

Chicken Favourite Sandwich

Sliced poached chicken breast, bacon, avocado, home seeded mustard & mayo on fresh white sliced bread served w/ sea salted chips

Haloumi & Avocado Sandwich (V)

Grilled haloumi, tomato, avocado, beetroot hummus & pickled fennel on toasted organic sourdough served w/ sweet potato fries

Beet Pump Pesto Wrap (V)

Roasted pumpkin, beetroot, greens, tomato, onion, goats cheese & aioli on a toasted sun dried tomato wrap served w/ sea salted chips
Add Poached Chicken 4 / Avocado 4 / Bacon 3 Ham 4 / Fried Egg 3 / Jalapeno 2


Beer Battered Fish

Fish of the day with tartare sauce, lemon wedge, crunchy sea salted chips, beet & orange salad

Salt & Pepper Calamari

“Our Signature Dish” Tender pineapple cut squid served w/ thai salad, chili, coriander, home aioli, lemon wedge & sea salted chips

Crispy Skin Salmon

Served w/ sautéed chorizo & potatoes, rocket & fennel salad, caper & dill salsa

Sirloin Steak (GF)

MSA grain fed 250g sirloin w/ roasted chat potatoes, grilled mushroom, grilled tomato, green beans and served w/ green pepper sauce Add Prawns

Creamy Pumpkin & Mushroom Linguini

Linguini tossed with garlic, chili, onions, tomatoes, semi dried pesto, finished with spinach & parmesan Add Prawns / Add Chicken


Crunchy Sea Salted Chips (V)

W/ choice of sauce

Sweet Potato Wedges (GF)

Served with garlic home aioli

Greek Salad (GF/V)

Mixed lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, feta & balsamic dressing

Thai Salad (GF/V)

Asian slaw, greens, tomato, cucumber, spanish onion w/ thai dressing

Garden Salad (GF/V)

Mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, radish & spanish onion w/ honey mustard dressing

Steamed Vegetables (GF/V)

Mixed seasonal vegetables, tossed in butter & lightly seasoned

Roasted Chat Potatoes (GF/V)

Seasoned with sea salt & rosemary & garlic oil


Crumbed Chicken Nuggets & Chips

Mini Chicken Burger

Chicken, lettuce, mayo & chips

Mini Beef Burger

Beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato sauce & chips

Fish & Chips

Steak & Chips

Sea Salted Chips

Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Chicken & Cheese Sandwich

Salad Extra

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